What is your child reading?

Let me introduce you to my children’s interactive books for ages 3-12.  These books are fun and free!  A click on the links below, or the “read now” buttons on my home page, will redirect you to my GitHub site where my books are published.  There are no ads, no downloads, and no options to click on anything other than the book’s interactive web pages.  

For ages 3-8:

“Meet my Cat” is about an imaginative cat who loves to play.  What toy will she play with first?  There are three choices, each leading to a new adventure.  You may even discover my cat’s name!

“Larry In The Forest” is about a raccoon that has lived in the city his entire life and suddenly finds himself in the forest.  Larry has a lot of decisions to make and sure hopes that you can  help him find his way to where he belongs.  

For ages 5-10:

“If I Lived In The Sea” allows the reader to choose an adventure by selecting which sea creature they would want to be. If you lived in the sea, what would you be?

For ages 9-12:

“Meet My Friends” is about a 12 year old named Charley who plans to spend the summer with her three best friends.  What will she do first?  Go to the beach with Renzo?  Go to the mountains with Vi?  Or will she stay in the city with Monroe?  No matter what she chooses, it is sure to be a great time.  

“Career Day” is about a 12 year old named Jewel who attends a career fair at school. Jewel must write about her dream job. This is no easy task. What career will Jewel choose?

Please enjoy these free books.  Comments and constructive feedback are always welcome.  

Be sure to also check out my poems for children and adults.  Links to my poetry can be found by clicking on the “Featured Poetry” tab on my website. There is also a “Just For Kids” tab that features poetry and fun facts for kids.   

Please also visit my home page for links to paperback books and eBooks available at Amazon.com.

Happy reading!

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Books and poetry.

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