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Meet The Owl

When you think of an owl, what do you see?
A large bird with big eyes, perched in a tree?
But do you know that all owls are not the same size,
And the places they live may be quite the surprise.
A burrowing owl that lives underground;
A hole in a cactus may an owl be found.
There’s a Pygmy-Owl only 6 inches tall;
And the Blakiston’s Fish Owl, the biggest of all.
There are owls in barns and owls in caves,
In forests and deserts and grassy plains.
So now let your imagination run free,
When you think of the places an owl may be.
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I went to the pet store,
And bought a cool fish.
He came in a fishbowl,
That sat on a dish.  

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The Puddle

What more is a puddle for
I can't resist, can you?

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A little imagination can go a long way;
We find it in stories and use it in play.
A leap in the air and with wings we do fly;
We soar over treetops and swoop through the sky.


The Butterfly

I am seen as a pest,
As I eat from your garden;
But eating I must,
So I please beg your pardon.


Fun Facts About Raccoons

  • Raccoons are omnivores and will eat just about anything.
  • A male raccoon is called a boar, a female a sow and their young are called kits.

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The Happy Pumpkin (song)

There was a happy pumpkin,
Until it got to school,
And found it left its homework,
At home atop a stool.

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