Look To The Sky

All around is dirt and dust,
Crumbled buildings, rot and rust.
But high above dawns bright and new;
A blazing sun in a sky of blue.

All around is dark and dank;
Oppressive, stifling, spoiled, rank.
But in the sky the stars shine bright,
And the moon is in full glory tonight.

Reposting this poem and feature photo from 2021 in response to Weekend Sky #103 – June 3rd.


She was squirreled away on a chartered boat;
Shepherded into his private cabin.
Tears spilling - makeup beginning to raccoon around her eyes;
She had earwigged his phone conversation and knew of his intentions.
Trying to outfox him;
She snaked her way out of the bathroom window;
But he was waiting, perched atop the deck.
Yanking her up, he bulldogged her to the yacht’s railing;
Badgering her for information she would not provide.
She swallowed hard to tamp down her fear,
And then hawked a wad of phlegm into his eyes.
Urgently fishing the knife from her pocket;
She parroted his threats back to him.
Chickening out - he threw himself overboard;
Floundering to stay afloat in the undulating water.
She beelined to the emergency raft;
Time for her to bug-out!

dVerse host Sarah prompts us to write a poem using animal verbs and/or animal verb phrases.

Happy Birthday, Brother

Birthday celebrations
Remiss from afar
Oh, how I wish 
To tease you in person
How old you now are... yet
Ever my beloved "little" brother
Rad to the bone.

Spring Critters

Tiger Beetle
Black Swallowtail Caterpillar
Dragonfly nymph shell

Native Harmony

Native perennials;
Treasure their home in the garden of life.
Thriving -
Their roots tucked into soil
in harmonious glory with the earth.
Revealing their joy through sprouted heads;
Communing with critters
that gather in celebration;
Sharing bits of themselves,
as honeybees pepper their blooms.

dVerse host Punam challenges us to “write a verse of exact 44 words (excluding the title) using pepper or any form of the word like peppering, peppered or peppermint.” Quadrille:Pass the pepper please!

Side Stitch

Useless piercing thoughts –
harmless, yet painful;
An interminable side stitch.

Prompted by Weekend Writing Prompt #313 – Stitch


Prompted by Lens-Artists Challenge #250– Skyscapes or Cloudscapes

Screened Retreat

A balmy evening.
Lounging inside the screened porch;
A good book in hand;
A glass of red wine in reach;
‘Til bird song fades in twilight.

Prompted by W3 Prompt #56: Wea’ve Written Weekly” poet of the week, Suzette: “Write: A) a haiku, OR: B) a tanka on the theme of ‘a favorite way to relax / unwind.’”

Tanka is a classic form of Japanese poetry related to the haiku with five unrhymed lines of five, seven, five, seven, and seven syllables. (5, 7, 5, 7, 7).”

Inner Child

Yes I grow older
But my inner child lingers
Wild and untethered

Prompted by https://ronovanwrites.com/2023/05/22/ronovan-writes-weekly-haiku-poetry-prompt-challenge-463-child-and-grow/

A Fallen Leader

Reposting this piece of prose from 2021 in response to “Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – #143 – 5/16/23 – Picturesque.”

It all starts with a vigorous walk in the woods. An opportunity to stretch my legs and get my heart and lungs pumping after a prolonged period of sedentary isolation. I divert from my usual route (a wide, moderately traveled path) and follow a narrow animal trail along the creek. The diversion helps get me out of my head. I immerse myself in nature, inhaling the scent of damp earth and admiring the early spring wildflowers that dot the landscape.

It must have been fairly late when I broke free from my tomb, as the darkness now descends quickly. I know my way around these woods and have no difficulty making my way back to the wide path. As I emerge from the animal trail, I intend to take the left turn that will lead me back to the security of my prison, but to the right there is firelight and the sound of laughter. I know it is them. My instinct is to flee as I always do. My feet, however, appear to have a mind of their own.

 I walk toward the firelight.  Of course they know I am coming.  The banter and laughter continue, but there is an underlying anticipatory tone.  I cautiously make my way to the clearing and stand among them.  The communication ebbs as eyes fall upon me.  It has been a long time since I have stood in their presence. I know I am a pathetic sight.  I, having once been their leader.  

We had flown together, disbursing our magic among the unfortunate. A thankless job, I grew tired and weary and could lead no more. I withdrew from the fairies, despite their efforts to console me. I isolated myself in the woods; my wings lying limp. I have no desire to reclaim my position, but I miss my family and the loneliness weighs me down. Do I dare ask their forgiveness? They are waiting.

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