What do other writers do?

Being fairly new to writing and definitely new to blogging, I am amazed by all of the other writers that are out there.  I can’t help but wonder how they got started writing, what continues to motivate them and how they manage their writing journeys.  

I can’t say that anything in particular kick-started me to write.  It’s more like I caught a writing bug —  it came out of nowhere and I can’t get rid of it.  I have a fairly demanding job that doesn’t allow for much distraction, but when I am not working, writing  is on my mind.  When I take my evening shower, I am writing a book or a poem in my head, totally oblivious to whether I had just shampooed my hair. While I sit next to my husband watching television, I am drawing illustrations for a book.  Late in the evening, I lay in bed outlining my ideas, writing and editing.

What got you started writing and how do you incorporate writing into your daily life? 

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One thought on “What do other writers do?

  1. I am a write a little every day kind of person, though I do often write more than I intend to once I begin! What has kept me going is the desire to share writing online twice a week, so that gives me two things to work on over seven days. Having a goal, therefor, is essential!
    May the words flow. ❤

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