He Wears Black

You bring beauty, brilliance and buoyancy;
But he wears black.

You show broadmindedness, benevolence and boundlessness;
But he broods in black.

You are brave, brainy and balanced;
But he’s bemused in black.

You are breathtaking, beguiling and beloved;
But he’s bleak in black;

You have believed, begged, and bartered;
But his betrayal has born black.

You have blamed, blasted and banished,
But he is back donning black.

This was inspired by Misky’s Twiglet #322 prompt “you wear black.” I also attempted to work with consonance, as prompted by David in W3 Prompt #52: Wea’ve Written Weekly, but not sure I got that quite right.

Published by JJJ Interactive Books

Books and poetry.

11 thoughts on “He Wears Black

  1. Jennifer, first of all, you more than succeeded at consonance – after all, alliteration (which is what you employed) is a subtype of consonance that requires the similar sounds be placed at the beginning of closely connected words!

    Secondly, this is really good ~ I enjoyed it! 😀


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