Treasured Hanky

You are meant to wipe away the tears;Stifle the runny nose;Yet, just thinking of you results in violent sobs.When I hold you in my hands;Your cottony softness reminds me of all that I hold dear;Your delicate embroidery threatening to unravel;Represents all that I have lost.I have treated you unkindly;Tossing you aside in favor of aContinue reading “Treasured Hanky”

Mysterious Trees

What mystery lies beneath the palm frond;and, in the gnarly branches of the tree?I look upon them with expectation;as surely a secret will reveal itself.For the emotion stirred by a simple glimpse,must have deep significance.Can I capture it in a photograph?It appears not.I must just accept the mystery for what it is;relishing my connection withContinue reading “Mysterious Trees”


You think I’m strange?Look at you; Obsessing each day;About all that you do.My life’s simple;I go with the flow;My instincts tell me,All I need to know.Give it a try;Just soak up some sun,Wait, what’s all that?Chair, towel and lotion!A cooler of food;Drinks and snacks;A speaker and phone;That’s how you relax?Okay, you do you;We’ll bask byContinue reading “Strange”

Head In The Clouds

When my head is in the clouds,I lose sight of what stands before me.I forget where I am;I’m not sure of what I’ve done;Is that bad? Maybe…But, sometimes when the clouds clear;And I return to my present circumstances;There is a sense of purpose;An illumination;A clarity that can only be achieved,By having my head in theContinue reading “Head In The Clouds”

Sea Glass

Treasures hide beneath the waves, Searching for silver, ancient gold, Maybe some coins from ships of old. Walking along a storm swept beach, Plastic and garbage among the sea grass, With brilliant shine a piece of sea glass. Still a treasure in its own right, A broken remnant of origin unknown, Its ravished beauty standingContinue reading “Sea Glass”