She was squirreled away on a chartered boat;Shepherded into his private cabin.Tears spilling – makeup beginning to raccoon around her eyes;She had earwigged his phone conversation and knew of his intentions.Trying to outfox him;She snaked her way out of the bathroom window;But he was waiting, perched atop the deck.Yanking her up, he bulldogged her toContinue reading “Abduction”

Native Harmony

Native perennials;Treasure their home in the garden of life.Thriving -Their roots tucked into soilin harmonious glory with the earth.Revealing their joy through sprouted heads;Communing with crittersthat gather in celebration;Sharing bits of themselves, as honeybees pepper their blooms. dVerse host Punam challenges us to “write a verse of exact 44 words (excluding the title) using pepperContinue reading “Native Harmony”

Screened Retreat

A balmy evening.Lounging inside the screened porch;A good book in hand;A glass of red wine in reach;‘Til bird song fades in twilight. Prompted by “W3 Prompt #56: Wea’ve Written Weekly” poet of the week, Suzette: “Write: A) a haiku, OR: B) a tanka on the theme of ‘a favorite way to relax / unwind.’” “TankaContinue reading “Screened Retreat”

Mirror Gazing

Mirror gazing, I am told willEvoke compassion toward the person reflected there;Diminish fear of failure and inadequacy;Illuminate insecurities and release them;Train acceptance through anAttentive mind;Target a deeper understanding of Insight and intuition;Open my mind toNew possibilities. Prompted by dVerse host, Merrill’s “Quadrille: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall” and “W3 Prompt #55: Wea’ve Written Weekly” poetContinue reading “Mirror Gazing”


Pathways – Winding endlessly.For what purpose?Affording a tedious ramble.Wearisome. Pathways – Promise adventure.Those mysterious avenues;Delivering the invigorating escapade.Thrilling! Wea’ve Written Weekly’s poet of the week, Sadje, prompts us to “write an ‘elfchen’ poem; [e]xtra challenge: write a second elfchen poem, which opposes the first one.”