A Mother’s Love

When did you become a man?

Was it the day you decided to walk yourself to class?
Leaving your mother behind, as you, still so small, took the long walk down the school corridor.

Was it when you began to explore nature?
Navigating the woods; catching critters in the creek.

Was it when you discovered extreme sports?
Performing stunts with your bike; free running over rooftops. 

Was it when your friends became your tribe?
They, knowing your daily story, while I could only catch glimpses.

Was it when you started to drive?
Finding a passion for cars.

Was it when you met your girlfriend?
Spending every free moment in her company.

Was it when you started working?
Discovering a bit of financial freedom.

Was it when you left home?
Running an independent household.

Was it when you became a dad?
Producing a magnificent child of your own.

When did you become a man?
I just don’t know.
As I look at the wonderful man standing before me,
I only see my child.

Published by JJJ Interactive Books

Books and poetry.

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