The News

I couldn’t sleep at all last night.
A racing mind.
A pounding heart.
Not understanding why.
Then it registered in neon hues;
It’s because I watched  the news.

I couldn’t go outside today.
The scary sounds.
The people too. 
Such dangers are out there.
Protected barriers you would choose;
If you only watched the news.

I wouldn’t let my neighbor in.
Potential thief?
A terrorist?
He doesn't look like me.
I’m aware of all that I could lose;
Because I watch the news.

I hoarded all the town’s supplies.
No food.
No gas.
How would I survive?
Now don’t you even dare accuse;
As you should have watched the news.

Published by JJJ Interactive Books

Books and poetry.

3 thoughts on “The News

  1. This is so relatable you have no idea.

    There’s someone in my life who preaches the news – I however, don’t.

    It’s incomparable how much more positive your life becomes when you turn off the news.


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