You stand in the midst of a lush landscape,
Waiting for the beauty to wash over you.
Instead, you feel unsettled.
You want to see the clear water of the babbling brook,
But the slick film that shimmers on the water’s surface is undeniable.
You turn your attention to the lovely foliage,
Small decorative trees where once stood mammoth hardwoods.
The flowering vines along the fence are lovely,
But you know they are invasive;
Typically smothering the native flora.
This will not do.
You tend to your garden.
Replacing the existing foliage,
With hardwood trees and native flowers.
Endemic plants are installed along the brook,
To cleanse the water and prevent erosion.
The colors are not quite as vibrant,
And it will take time for the garden to mature.
You stand in the midst of a natural landscape,
And you feel at peace.

Published by JJJ Interactive Books

Books and poetry.

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