Treasured Hanky

You are meant to wipe away the tears;
Stifle the runny nose;
Yet, just thinking of you results in violent sobs.
When I hold you in my hands;
Your cottony softness reminds me of all that I hold dear;
Your delicate embroidery threatening to unravel;
Represents all that I have lost.
I have treated you unkindly;
Tossing you aside in favor of a mere tissue.
I shall stand firm;
Recommitting myself to all that you have to offer;

As you have been there for me through all of my days;
And, I shall never again allow my nose to touch another.

Published by JJJ Interactive Books

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14 thoughts on “Treasured Hanky

  1. hi, Jennifer ~ this is so good! Well written ❤ ~ I love your last line in particular… it made me smile 😀

    If you happen to have written this poem with the W3 poetry prompt in mind, which is here:

    Then you can share this poem of yours with other prompt participants who wrote to our recent handkerchief prompt.

    All you have to do is go to the link I shared above, and scroll down to the middle of the page until you see a small, horizontal, white rectangle with the words "Mister Linky" on it in green.

    If you click on that rectangle, you'll be able to share your link ~ just make sure you use the URL for this poem, rather than the URL for your entire blog (that's a thing a lot of people do by accident)



    1. Thank you so much! I did write this in response to the w3 prompt and have submitted it through “Mister Linky.” I thought it a very intriguing idea to write an ode to a handkerchief. I am looking forward to reading the other poems that have been/are being submitted in response.

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  2. Thank you so much for joining in Jennifer. I love how you made mention of the way we (i say we, cos i too am guilty) of put aside the importance of the hanky in exchange of a mere tissue which in reality doesn’t help in preserving our mother nature.

    This firts two lines really caught my attention
    “You are meant to wipe away the tears;
    Stifle the runny nose;
    Yet, just thinking of you results in violent sobs.”

    And then you ended it with a promise. Beautiful


    1. Thank you! I cannot recall any family member having a special handkerchief and found it interesting to read several prompt responses that referenced fond memories of their parents’/grandparents’ hankies. I had no idea that a handkerchief could truly be a family treasure. Clearly you did.


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