She begs the predator moves along;
For the protection of her young.
Her mate often by her side;
But he is searching for food.
Gone! Will the hunt be successful?
When he returns, her young shall beg for nourishment.
Will it be too late? The predator approaches the ground-built nest,
The killdeer has but one option, offering herself,
She abandons the nest and appears to be an easy meal.
Flailing around with a broken wing, the predator follows the injured bird.
She offers the predator an opportunity to pounce,
A bit of excitement, as she leads the predator away from the nest; the Killdeer fluttering helplessly toward the edge of the meadow.
The moment the predator leaps upon her prey;
The bird takes flight, landing in an empty clearing;
Her nest is in view, the predator retreats;
Her chicks beg for her return as she offers a promise of sustenance to her young.

Written in response to dVerse’s MTB: Cleaving to Antonyms in Contrapuntal Lines. I have chosen to incorporate the antonyms (or forms thereof): beg – offer. The portions in bold are written from the perspective of the Killdeer and the unbolded portions are written from the perspective of the predator.

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