Path Of Change

I have walked this path all winter. Lackluster is how I would describe it, but it is an easy stroll and provides much needed leg stretching. The rains have come and I dare walk the path; a muddy river bottom. I see little shoots of green beginning to rise from the soil and the trees are sprouting in anticipation of spring.

A few weeks pass and I return to the path. Where did this vegetation come from? The trees are full and splendid. Colorful flower buds are tipping the abundant green foliage, threatening to open at any moment. I meander down the path that I had come to know so well over the long winter and barely recognize my surroundings.

It is now late spring and the weather is magnificent. I make my way down to the familiar path with a little “spring” in my step. Where is it? It appears my beloved trail has become a haven for shrubbery and blooming wildflowers!

Dormant it may seem;
Brewing beneath the surface;
Change is imminent.

dVerse host Linda Lee Lyburg prompts us to write a “haibun inspired by late spring”:

What Are the Main Characteristics of a Haibun Poem?

Subject matter for a haibun poem varies, however, the prose section is often dedicated to the unfolding of a scene (a memory, a particular landscape, or special moment). The prose section often consists of a few brief paragraphs written in an imagistic style (known as haikai), and normally portrays the selected scene in an objective manner. Which is why most haibun poems are written in first-person or third-person perspective.

The closing haiku appears at the end of the composition, though sometimes it can be placed in the middle, and is a thematic conversation with the prose section. It either serves as a closing statement, juxtaposition between ideas, or a philosophical innuendo that deepens the meaning of the poem.”

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8 thoughts on “Path Of Change

  1. It appears my beloved trail has become a haven for shrubbery and blooming wildflowers!

    That’s lovely, Jennifer; where is this? Does this happen to your path every year?

    Much love,


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