Mirror Gazing

Mirror gazing, I am told willEvoke compassion toward the person reflected there;Diminish fear of failure and inadequacy;Illuminate insecurities and release them;Train acceptance through anAttentive mind;Target a deeper understanding of Insight and intuition;Open my mind toNew possibilities. Prompted by dVerse host, Merrill’s “Quadrille: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall” and “W3 Prompt #55: Wea’ve Written Weekly” poetContinue reading “Mirror Gazing”

Secrets Between Them

A perfect marriage? Almost… Just a few idiosyncrasies that marred the otherwise harmonious existence between them. A little coolness at the other’s touch. A snappy retort at the other’s constructive criticism. If only they had disclosed the demons of their past. [Skeletons lurking beneath the surface. Their grins wide and mouths gaping with stories untold.]Continue reading “Secrets Between Them”


Pathways – Winding endlessly.For what purpose?Affording a tedious ramble.Wearisome. Pathways – Promise adventure.Those mysterious avenues;Delivering the invigorating escapade.Thrilling! Wea’ve Written Weekly’s poet of the week, Sadje, prompts us to “write an ‘elfchen’ poem; [e]xtra challenge: write a second elfchen poem, which opposes the first one.”

Treasured Cuddles

Prompted by Sadje’s “What do you see #185.” Image credit: Jenna Hamra, Pexels Treasured cuddles;Sweeten the early morning wakeups;His little hand in mine;Adventurous outings;Squeals of delight.Time passes;Out of boyhood.Ah, well…Mother to a grown man;Relishing the occasional warm embrace.Then arrives his own little boy;Squeals of delight;Adventurous outings;Hand in hand;Sleeping over;Waking me up with treasured cuddles.

Building On The Sand

They are building high-rises on the sand, while the powers that be look the other way. Denying that water will take over the land; that a monster storm could develop any day. What do they expect to pass? As their buildings shall not rise as a ship’s hull; Instead they will shatter like fragile glass;Continue reading “Building On The Sand”

Pygmy Owl

A formidable place;I choose to reside;But it serves as protection;While I am inside.I thank the woodpecker;For the hole it had made;In the tall cactus;Where my nest I have laid.So small am I;A savory meal for some;Yet a symbol of wisdom;I’ve somehow become.And from my high perch;I can easily see;A tasty songbird;In a neighboring tree. WrittenContinue reading “Pygmy Owl”

Evening Primrose

By day, you are discrete and mysterious;Mutely listening to the bustling sounds around you;But refusing to engage with even the prettiest butterfly.Like the evening primrose,Your petals unfurl at dusk;You transform into a thing of beauty;Attracting the rare moth;And surrounding yourself with creatures of the night. As prompted by W3 Prompt #53: Wea’ve Written Weekly poetContinue reading “Evening Primrose”