Spelled Out

Meant to take a different route;Am I lost?Pondering my predicament.Meandering about, but I seem to needA directive of some sort;Perhaps there is a clue.Missing something obvious;As if it is spelled out for me;Puzzling to be sure. Prompted by dVerse host whimsygizmo – “Mapping. Mapped. Map it out. Write all over the map. Be a mapmaker.Continue reading “Spelled Out”

Rolling Stone

A stone rolls along;In the river’s gentle flow;It’s a long journey.Many obstacles;Bumps and bruises to be sure;Stuck and then set free.As flow turns rapid;The stone’s progress evident;Destination known.Other precious stones;Resting on the riverbed;Tranquil trickle touch. Prompted by https://ronovanwrites.com/2023/04/24/ronovan-writes-weekly-haiku-poetry-prompt-challenge-459-river-and-rolls/

He Wears Black

You bring beauty, brilliance and buoyancy;But he wears black.You show broadmindedness, benevolence and boundlessness;But he broods in black.You are brave, brainy and balanced;But he’s bemused in black.You are breathtaking, beguiling and beloved;But he’s bleak in black;You have believed, begged, and bartered; But his betrayal has born black.You have blamed, blasted and banished,But he is backContinue reading “He Wears Black”

Path Of Change

I have walked this path all winter. Lackluster is how I would describe it, but it is an easy stroll and provides much needed leg stretching. The rains have come and I dare walk the path; a muddy river bottom. I see little shoots of green beginning to rise from the soil and the treesContinue reading “Path Of Change”

On The Tracks

On the tracks our love was revived;a private compartment;for two.The train, it seems, served to provideambience for ardentpursuit. Diligent planning we had made;for a trip producinglandscape.The scenery would be betrayedby the train’s seducingescape. Wea’ve Written Weekly poet of the week, Destiny, prompts us to write a “momento.” A ‘memento’ is a poem about a holidayContinue reading “On The Tracks”

Depth or Reflection

Gaze through the windows to my soul.You may observe the presence that is squirming beneath the surface;Searching for a dark corner within which to retreat;Attempting to hide from the scrutiny of your stare.It shivers at the prospect of being discovered;Sharing its truths and its secrets;Exposing its vulnerability.Or… perhaps, all you see is your own reflection.Continue reading “Depth or Reflection”

Pick Me A Wildflower

Would you pick for me a fresh wildflower?Any of the many colors will do.A yellow cluster as a bright sunshower. Perhaps some white lace or a blossom in blue.An exotic bloom might be compelling;Though the native flora are quite nice too;A tall stemmed flower like the vendors are selling;Of course the choice is up toContinue reading “Pick Me A Wildflower”