Wintry Day

I force myself to go out into the cold, bleak winter day.
I suck in the fresh air and try to convince myself,

that the bare trees are beautiful;
that the brown mucky slush is fluffy white snow;
that the dark low clouds are full of rainbows.
My confident posture begins to droop;
My head hangs low.
Then the clouds part and the sun shines bright;
the sky becomes a vibrant blue;

the bare trees are beautiful;
the white snow shimmers like diamonds;
and my head is full of rainbows.

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Happy New Year

Hey! How are you?
Happy New Year to you too!
What’s your plan?
What will you do?
Start afresh?
Start anew?
Build upon?
Continue on?
Do your best?
Take a rest?
I’ll raise a glass;
To your health;
Peace and joy;
Love and wealth.
As we all let out a cheer;
Full of hope for the new year.

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Time is such a mystery;
A single minute that drags on for hours;
An hour that disappears in the blink of an eye.
Never having enough time; or,
Having too much time at hand.
Making the most of the time available; or,
Wasting time in not knowing what else to do with it.
Time that heals all wounds; or,
Time that allows wounds to fester.
Hoping that time is on one’s side,
Yet never knowing how much time one has left.

Surrounded by Sea

Surrounded by sea;
Is the place for me.
I sit on my dock;
On a chair I do rock;
And stare to the west;
To watch the sunset.
I hear some fish jump;
And feel the waves bump;
While I sit there alone;
Watch the boats head for home.
As the sky turns to ink;
The stars there do wink;
And the sea transforms black;
As its ripples wink back.

Where Is The Wonder?

Where is the wonder?
The experiences that result in awe.
The childlike joy of discovery.
Amazing new places; sights unseen.
Curious people watching for endless entertainment.
Now I feel I’ve seen it all before;
This place, that person.
This day and the other running together.
I go here and there;
Do this and that;
Yet, the wonder eludes me.


Too late to retreat.
The trajectory is clear.
Nature will prevail.

The Lucky Nickel

To you I am just a nickel.  A silver colored coin of essentially no value.  You drop me on the ground and step on me as you walk away.  But, I have a history. 

I was minted in 1970. I spent my first year in “circulation” stored in a wall safe, rolled up with 39 other shiny new nickels. On the day we (us nickels) were finally freed from our roll and dropped into a cash till, I was plucked out by a strong hand and tossed into the air to the call of “heads.” The toss was followed by whooping applause. The kind old man who held me announced that I was his lucky nickel and gently placed me in his pocket. From then on, the man never left his home without me. When he was frightened, he would put his hand in his pocket and wrap me in his palm. When he needed to settle a matter, he would toss me in the air and call “heads” or “tails.” I never seemed to disappoint him.

When the man died years later, his son recognized me – his father’s lucky nickel. The son kept me in a box full of his father’s treasures and held me in the palm of his hand when he was in need of comfort. Then YOU stole the box and threw me to the street. Here I lay, watching people walk over me like a worthless piece of trash.

But wait, what’s this? A young girl is looking at me. She gently picks me up and says “oh, a lucky nickel!”

Writing Dilemma

Boredom reared its ugly head,
So I decided to write instead,
Of letting myself come undone;
And thus resulted in Chapter One.

Then life tossed so much my way,
Tasks and commitments every day;
I find I have too much to do;
How will I ever write Chapter Two?

The Happy Pumpkin

There was a happy pumpkin,
Until it got to school,
And found it left its homework,
At home atop a stool.
There was a sad pumpkin,
Sitting in its chair,
Hoping that the teacher,
Would forget that it was there.
There was a surprised pumpkin
When its mom showed up in style
And handed it its homework
With a wink and a smile.
There was an eager pumpkin
Waiting for the school bell
Ready to return home
For the news it longed to tell.
There was a happy pumpkin
To its parents it did say
That when its homework was returned
There written was an A.
Listen To The Happy Pumpkin Song
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