Hand In Hand

I have written this poem in response to W3 prompt #47 at skepticskaddish.com, hosted by poet of the week, Punam Sharma. The guidelines are to write a Pantoum on the theme of abandonment. Additional information about a Pantoum and the prompt can be found here. Hope I got it right!

Where you and I walk hand in hand;
The circumambient energy shifts;
Mystical aura exudes from land;
The universal vibration lifts.

The circumambient energy shifts;
As you release your final breath;
The universal vibration lifts;
In realization of your death.

As you release your final breath;
I emit a guttural moan;
In realization of your death;
I find I am all alone.

I emit a guttural moan;
For you’ve abandoned me;
I find I am all alone;
You’re in a place of mystery.

For you’ve abandoned me;
In my years of old;
You’re in a place of mystery;
And I’ll join you soon, I’m told.

In my years of old;
Mystical aura exudes from land;
And I’ll join you soon, I’m told;
Where you and I walk hand in hand.

Wordless Wednesday

Treasured Hanky

You are meant to wipe away the tears;
Stifle the runny nose;
Yet, just thinking of you results in violent sobs.
When I hold you in my hands;
Your cottony softness reminds me of all that I hold dear;
Your delicate embroidery threatening to unravel;
Represents all that I have lost.
I have treated you unkindly;
Tossing you aside in favor of a mere tissue.
I shall stand firm;
Recommitting myself to all that you have to offer;

As you have been there for me through all of my days;
And, I shall never again allow my nose to touch another.

Wordless Wednesday

Mysterious Trees

What mystery lies beneath the palm frond;
and, in the gnarly branches of the tree?
I look upon them with expectation;
as surely a secret will reveal itself.
For the emotion stirred by a simple glimpse,
must have deep significance.
Can I capture it in a photograph?
It appears not.
I must just accept the mystery for what it is;
relishing my connection with the trees.

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

When Nature Calls

When nature calls;
Greet it with a whole heart;
Feel its presence;
Immerse yourself in its beauty;
Understand its power;
And remember your essence.

Wordless Wednesday


You think I'm strange?
Look at you;
Obsessing each day;
About all that you do.

My life’s simple;
I go with the flow;
My instincts tell me,
All I need to know.

Give it a try;
Just soak up some sun,
Wait, what’s all that?
Chair, towel and lotion!

A cooler of food;
Drinks and snacks;
A speaker and phone;
That’s how you relax?

Okay, you do you;
We’ll bask by the sea;
I’ll sit on my rock,
While you photograph me.
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