You think I’m strange?Look at you; Obsessing each day;About all that you do.My life’s simple;I go with the flow;My instincts tell me,All I need to know.Give it a try;Just soak up some sun,Wait, what’s all that?Chair, towel and lotion!A cooler of food;Drinks and snacks;A speaker and phone;That’s how you relax?Okay, you do you;We’ll bask byContinue reading “Strange”

Meet My Iguana

Yes, I considered writing a children’s book called “Meet My Iguana,” but I decided instead to share my experience of caring for a pet iguana.   This is mango: Mango is a red iguana.  When the reptile expo came through town, my barely yet a man-child couldn’t resist purchasing the cute little red reptile.  He already hadContinue reading “Meet My Iguana”