Building On The Sand

They are building high-rises on the sand, while the powers that be look the other way. Denying that water will take over the land; that a monster storm could develop any day. What do they expect to pass? As their buildings shall not rise as a ship’s hull; Instead they will shatter like fragile glass;Continue reading “Building On The Sand”

Pygmy Owl

A formidable place;I choose to reside;But it serves as protection;While I am inside.I thank the woodpecker;For the hole it had made;In the tall cactus;Where my nest I have laid.So small am I;A savory meal for some;Yet a symbol of wisdom;I’ve somehow become.And from my high perch;I can easily see;A tasty songbird;In a neighboring tree. WrittenContinue reading “Pygmy Owl”

Evening Primrose

By day, you are discrete and mysterious;Mutely listening to the bustling sounds around you;But refusing to engage with even the prettiest butterfly.Like the evening primrose,Your petals unfurl at dusk;You transform into a thing of beauty;Attracting the rare moth;And surrounding yourself with creatures of the night. As prompted by W3 Prompt #53: Wea’ve Written Weekly poetContinue reading “Evening Primrose”

Spelled Out

Meant to take a different route;Am I lost?Pondering my predicament.Meandering about, but I seem to needA directive of some sort;Perhaps there is a clue.Missing something obvious;As if it is spelled out for me;Puzzling to be sure. Prompted by dVerse host whimsygizmo – “Mapping. Mapped. Map it out. Write all over the map. Be a mapmaker.Continue reading “Spelled Out”

Rolling Stone

A stone rolls along;In the river’s gentle flow;It’s a long journey.Many obstacles;Bumps and bruises to be sure;Stuck and then set free.As flow turns rapid;The stone’s progress evident;Destination known.Other precious stones;Resting on the riverbed;Tranquil trickle touch. Prompted by

He Wears Black

You bring beauty, brilliance and buoyancy;But he wears black.You show broadmindedness, benevolence and boundlessness;But he broods in black.You are brave, brainy and balanced;But he’s bemused in black.You are breathtaking, beguiling and beloved;But he’s bleak in black;You have believed, begged, and bartered; But his betrayal has born black.You have blamed, blasted and banished,But he is backContinue reading “He Wears Black”

Path Of Change

I have walked this path all winter. Lackluster is how I would describe it, but it is an easy stroll and provides much needed leg stretching. The rains have come and I dare walk the path; a muddy river bottom. I see little shoots of green beginning to rise from the soil and the treesContinue reading “Path Of Change”