A Little Innocence

Hope is that curiosity leads to adventure;That discovery results in wonderment;That joy is found in the little things;That love is all encompassing;That the exigencies of life promote strength;That, through it all, a little innocence remains. Written in response to “W3 Prompt #48: Wea’ve Written Weekly,” hosted by poet of the week, Kerfe Roig. “Begin yourContinue reading “A Little Innocence”

Me In The Tree

I lost my mother to Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma over a year ago. Her dear friends planted a Red Maple in her memory at a neighborhood park, where my mother enjoyed walking and bird watching. I had the pleasure of visiting the maple this week, just as the leaves are starting to turn. It reminded me ofContinue reading “Me In The Tree”

No Control

I know it appears I am staring incoherently as I attempt to process the meaning of the jarring words I have just heard.  I understand what is happening; likely better than the specialists surrounding my bed, uttering conciliatory words and promises.  These well-intentioned men and women are determined to make me whole again.  It isContinue reading “No Control”

Me In The Tree

My feet are planted firmly on the ground, As my toes drive deep into the damp earth; A sturdy foundation for my erect torso. Standing tall, my arms spread wide; My fingers stretch toward the sky sprouting leaves. My eyes stare as two woodpecker holes. I wait and I watch. For hundreds of years, IContinue reading “Me In The Tree”


Good choices, spinning a positive light; Great choices, filling our lives with abundance; Unfortunate choices, setting us back a bit; Awful choices, sending us into a tailspin.   Choices so inconsequential, We don’t even realize we are making them; Choices so profound, There is no turning back.   Maybe we choose not to make aContinue reading “Choices”