My Pets

I went to the pet store
And bought a cool fish.
He came in a fishbowl
That sat on a dish.

Then I found a stray cat
And I brought her inside.
My fish didn’t like her
And spit in her eye.

So, I put my cool fish
High up on a shelf,
So my disgruntled cat
Would keep to herself.

But an error I made,
A slip of the brain,
As the bowl with my fish
Sat over a drain.

And up jumped my cat 
As cats often will;
She bumped the fish bowl
And caused it to spill.

And down came my fish
Falling into the sink;
He slid down the drain
Before I could blink.

I stared at my cat 
Who stared back at me 
Then she ran to the sink
And scratched frantically.

As under the sink
In a pipe we did hear
An unusual sound 
A “squish squish” that was clear.

So I rushed for my tools
Disassembled the plumbing
And out came my fish 
Sliding and tumbling.

Onto the floor 
He fell with a splat
And when he looked up
What he saw was my cat.

Lucky for him
My cat was forgiving
For that is the reason 
My fish is still living.

As in my cat’s mouth
A cool fish did ride
Back to his bowl
Gently dropped inside.

Now in my room
There swims a cool fish
With a cat curled beside
His fishbowl on a dish.

Published by JJJ Interactive Books

Books and poetry.

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