Pygmy Owl

A formidable place;
I choose to reside;
But it serves as protection;
While I am inside.

I thank the woodpecker;
For the hole it had made;
In the tall cactus;
Where my nest I have laid.

So small am I;
A savory meal for some;
Yet a symbol of wisdom;
I’ve somehow become.

And from my high perch;
I can easily see;
A tasty songbird;
In a neighboring tree.

Written in response to dVerse host Kim’s prompt to write about an animal’s home.

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2 thoughts on “Pygmy Owl

  1. Thanks so much for joining us, Jennifer, with your sweet pygmy owl! I didn’t know they made their homes in holes in cacti originally made by woodpeckers – they make up for their size with their intelligence.

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