Pygmy Owl

A formidable place;I choose to reside;But it serves as protection;While I am inside.I thank the woodpecker;For the hole it had made;In the tall cactus;Where my nest I have laid.So small am I;A savory meal for some;Yet a symbol of wisdom;I’ve somehow become.And from my high perch;I can easily see;A tasty songbird;In a neighboring tree. WrittenContinue reading “Pygmy Owl”

Me In The Tree

My feet are planted firmly on the ground, As my toes drive deep into the damp earth; A sturdy foundation for my erect torso. Standing tall, my arms spread wide; My fingers stretch toward the sky sprouting leaves. My eyes stare as two woodpecker holes. I wait and I watch. For hundreds of years, IContinue reading “Me In The Tree”