The Lucky Nickel

To you I am just a nickel.  A silver colored coin of essentially no value.  You drop me on the ground and step on me as you walk away.  But, I have a history.  I was minted in 1970. I spent my first year in “circulation” stored in a wall safe, rolled up with 39Continue reading “The Lucky Nickel”

No Control

I know it appears I am staring incoherently as I attempt to process the meaning of the jarring words I have just heard.  I understand what is happening; likely better than the specialists surrounding my bed, uttering conciliatory words and promises.  These well-intentioned men and women are determined to make me whole again.  It isContinue reading “No Control”

A Fallen Leader

It all starts with a vigorous walk in the woods.  An opportunity to stretch my legs and get my heart and lungs pumping after a prolonged period of sedentary isolation.  I divert from my usual route (a wide, moderately traveled path) and follow a narrow animal trail along the creek.  The diversion helps get meContinue reading “A Fallen Leader”