A Fallen Leader

Reposting this piece of prose from 2021 in response to “Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – #143 – 5/16/23 – Picturesque.” It all starts with a vigorous walk in the woods. An opportunity to stretch my legs and get my heart and lungs pumping after a prolonged period of sedentary isolation. I divert from my usual routeContinue reading “A Fallen Leader”

Secrets Between Them

A perfect marriage? Almost… Just a few idiosyncrasies that marred the otherwise harmonious existence between them. A little coolness at the other’s touch. A snappy retort at the other’s constructive criticism. If only they had disclosed the demons of their past. [Skeletons lurking beneath the surface. Their grins wide and mouths gaping with stories untold.]Continue reading “Secrets Between Them”

No Control

I know it appears I’m staring incoherently as I process the meaning of those jarring words. I understand what is happening; likely better than the specialists surrounding my bed, uttering conciliatory sentiments. These well-intentioned practitioners are determined to make me complacent. It is not an issue of coming to terms with my predicament. It’s aContinue reading “No Control”