She was squirreled away on a chartered boat;Shepherded into his private cabin.Tears spilling – makeup beginning to raccoon around her eyes;She had earwigged his phone conversation and knew of his intentions.Trying to outfox him;She snaked her way out of the bathroom window;But he was waiting, perched atop the deck.Yanking her up, he bulldogged her toContinue reading “Abduction”

Secrets Between Them

A perfect marriage? Almost… Just a few idiosyncrasies that marred the otherwise harmonious existence between them. A little coolness at the other’s touch. A snappy retort at the other’s constructive criticism. If only they had disclosed the demons of their past. [Skeletons lurking beneath the surface. Their grins wide and mouths gaping with stories untold.]Continue reading “Secrets Between Them”