A Single Tear

In your single tear;
Reflects the love that I feel;
All will be just fine.

I See You

I see you in the changing of the leaves;
red, yellow and orange.
I see you in the wildflowers lining the highway;
deep purple, lavender and pink.
I see you in the green fields
and the blue skies.
All of the color you brought to my life;
reflected in nature’s bounty.

Through His Eyes

The man races by me on the narrow hiking trail.  He holds a folded  easel in one hand. A bag of art supplies hangs off his opposite shoulder.  He is clearly on a mission. The view off the trail where he passes is stunning.  I want to call out to him, “wait, you are bypassing the best scenery,” but he is quickly out of range. 

I take my time ambling down the trail, enjoying the peace and solitude.   Eventually I come upon the artist.  He is standing on a large rock, his easel erect, paint in hand.  I look at the rather mundane landscape on this part of the trail.  I  cannot fathom what made him choose this spot. 

The artist mumbles something about the changing light and appears harried to get the job done.  He is oblivious to my presence.  My curiosity gets the best of me.  I position myself behind the canvas and watch as the artist transforms the banal surroundings into a  breathtaking masterpiece.  A wonderland that can only be seen through the artist’s eyes.

A Wave

Just a small ripple;
Slowly rising to great heights;
Smashed upon the rocks.

Rusty Bridge

I step onto an old rusty bridge,
that overlooks a slow flowing creek.
A turtle slides into the water from a nearby rock, 
and disappears beneath the surface.
A snake swims toward the rusty bridge.
Acknowledging my presence, 
its body sinks beneath the water;
while its head remains on the surface, 
observing the observer.
My weight shifts on the old bridge’s wooden planks.
The planks groan beneath my feet, 
and I grip the bridge’s cool, metal railing.
The snake escapes to the edge of the creek;
it slithers into the tall grass that lines the banks.
The grass extends into a lush green meadow.
A beautiful vista unfolds 
from my vantage point atop the rusty bridge.
I watch the butterflies dance 
among the meadow’s wildflowers,
and listen to the distant birdsong 
from the trees that line the meadow.
I lose myself in the surrounding beauty.
As the birdsong fades with the setting sun, 
I reluctantly abandon the old rusty bridge.

If I Lived In The Sea

Introducing my latest interactive children’s book for ages 6-10. If you lived in the sea, what would you be? Select a sea animal and choose your adventure. See you in the sea!

Comfort Zone

Properly positioned in your space,
Safe and secure;
Your comfort zone, my prison.

Avoiding the unexpected,
Appreciating the mundane;
Your quietude, my restlessness.

I expose you to new places,
Exploring uncharted territory.
My excitement, your anxiety.

I introduce you to new people;
Observing different customs;
My fascination, your insecurity.

You acquiesce to the unfamiliar;
Revel in the new experiences.
Our lives, our fortuity.

You become emboldened;
Stretching the limits;
Your heedlessness, my discomfort.

You want more,
Obsessively living on the edge;
Your comfort zone, my departure.

Roller Coaster

So high!
I rise to the top.
I am indestructible.
The view is amazing.
The joy is overwhelming.
Wait!  What’s that?
A precipitous drop.
Okay, I can handle this.
A freefall to the bottom,
My joy left dangling in the air.
I crawl at a snail’s pace,
Until the ride regains its momentum.
I navigate the twists and turns;
Not sure what I may encounter next.
A straight and narrow path comes into view.
Shall I stop the ride now?
Or, shall I rise to the top once again?

Point of View

Standing in my garden,
I can now see the flowers.
My focus has shifted
away from the weeds;
Though, I believe the flowers I now see,
were once the weeds I had so despised.

Resentful Dependency

You sit there and mock me;
Day after day.
Smug with superiority.
Providing support,
I can’t possibly refuse.
I resent you,
Yet I am sick with dependency upon you.
And there I go,
Reaching for you again and again;
As without you I’m essentially blind,
And you illuminate my world;
My second set of eyes.

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